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Something terrible has happened to a family member, or you
wouldn't be here.

Something has happened something bad, and it's your job to deal
with the consequences.
When you need someone who understands and will fight for everything

owed to you.
The law is complicated, let us do for you what your not sure how to

do for yourself.
To learn what we did for others like you, read Sharon's story!!

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Something bad has happened, now it's your job to deal with it!

For those who are affected, a wrongful death can be very distressing and traumatizing. A wrongful death refers to the situation
in which a person is killed due to an accident, medical error or a crime. Because of the negligence of another. There are
many reasons, but people are left without their loved ones.

Isn't it time to get it done? Let our best Wilmington, NC wrongful death attorneys help you with all your wrongful death
attorneys needs...

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Because of the serious nature of the loss, it is important that someone be held responsible and justice brought to the decedent.

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Wrongful Death cases can be complicated and long. For justice to be done, you need the best wrongful Death attorney.

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There are some important factors to consider when selecting the right Wrongful Death attorney.

Sharon's story...

I don't think anything can be more horrible than being trapped in a car on your way home at night after someone hits you head on. Well that's not quite accurate I can think of one thing, if your daughter is in the back seat and you can't reach her. Because that's what happened to Sharon and although she knew her daughter was there she couldn't hear her daughter Cindy in the back seat and couldn't reach her...

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Investigating the background of potential wrongful death attorneys is an important step in identifying one. Although it may seem cumbersome and
time-consuming, this will allow clients to choose the right attorney.

Ask for recommendations from family members and friends who have used
the same attorneys in similar cases. It is important to verify the credentials
and registration of the attorney with the relevant authorities.

Online reviews are a great way to evaluate them and make a decision
on which one is the best.

Sharon's story Continued...

Sharon had been knocked out by the accident, when she regained consciousness it was so dark in the car Sharon couldn't see where her daughter was. And being trapped in the driver's seat she couldn't move, she kept calling to Cindy mommy's here sweetheart can you hear
me. Cindy, it's going to be ok mommy's here don't be afraid, Cindy Cindy can you answer momma. But Cindy never answered, Sharon
reached back as much as she can but it was too dark and she couldn't find her daughter...

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It is important that potential attorneys meet with clients for an initial consultation. This session should be used to evaluate
the suitability and ability of the attorney for their case.

They can ask the right questions about their experience in Wrongful Death cases.

Questions such as the number of Wrongful Death cases they have handled, the number of cases won and the amount of compensation that was paid to past clients should be
addressed in the consultation.

This session assists clients in narrowing their search for the
best Wrongful Death attorneys.

Sharon's story Continued...

Sharon never heard her child's voice again, her child who had her whole life ahead of her and wasn't even old enough yet to be in school.
Her daughter because Sharon was trapped in the front seat died alone in a dark car within arm's length of her mom and probably not
even understanding what was happening. Wrongful death, even the name can't explain the horror that Sharon felt that night, trapped
and not being able to reach the little person who was more important to her than life itself...

How do you recover from that, a lot of people don't and losing a child is the worse thing imaginable and a lot of marriages don't recover from a loss like that. Losing anyone to wrongful death is probably one of the hardest cases's a personal injury attorney can take. Not from a win, or lose perspective but from the people who are left behind and need our help to try and pick up the pieces of their lives...

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death attorneys

It is important to assess the attorney's relevant experience and expertise in handling Wrongful Death cases. Clients should assess the attorneys on the basis of their past records as well as other soft skills such determination, tenacity and commitment to the case.

A lawyer with years of experience and a track record of winning cases is preferred. An honest and open communication channel with clients is
essential for a good attorney.

They must listen to clients and address their concerns. They must make
their clients feel at ease and address any concerns. This builds trust
between the client's attorney and is crucial in lawsuits.

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Sharon's story Continued...

In Sharon's case it was because of an oversized tire on a vehicle that never should have been on the road to begin with and should never been installed on that type of vehicle without major alterations as well. By using this type of tires on this type of vehicle it changed it's center of gravity which caused it to become unstable, the vehicle while going down the road started to shimmy. One of it's front tires had a blow-out, which caused it to run head on into Sharon's car and cause this accident...

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Personal injury wrongful death lawyers Wilmington, NC

When someone is killed in an accident, the surviving family members often face complex financial challenges. Their losses can include lost wages, medical bills, funeral expenses, and more. Compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit can help ease these burdens.

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Sharon's story Continued...

After Sharon had time to think about what had happened and had seen the police reports on the accident, she realized something about this was very wrong. Car accidents happen every day and anyone who get behind the wheel of a car, know that at some point it could happen to them. Which is why most of us are pretty careful when we turn the key. What Sharon started to realize is this accident should never have happened, so she started calling law firms where she lived...

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Something has happened something bad, and it's your job to deal with the consequences. You have questions and your not sure where to go for answers.

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When you need someone who understands your situation and will fight for everything owed to you. Let us do for you, what no one taught you how to do for yourself.

personal injury wrongful death lawyers
best wrongful death lawyers Wilmington, NC

The law is a complicated business, let us do for you what your not sure how to do for yourself.

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You need someone to fight beside you. Let us deal with the law stuff, you have enough on your plate.

Sharon's settlement...

What Sharon's attorney found out after she had time to review the police reports and had sent one of their investigators to do a little research decided this case wasn't your normal car accident case. She ended up filling suits against the tire manufacture company because the tire
had been mislabeled also the auto parts chain that sold the tire. Although the company that manufactured the tire didn't admit any problem
with their tire if used correctly Sharon ended up with an eight figure settlement. But the fact is there isn't enough money to compensate
her for what she lost that night, all because of a mislabeled tire...

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